Experience Healthcare that Cares About You

Solidarity HealthShare is a non-profit Healthcare Sharing Ministry. We support you and your family by lowering your medical bills, providing a comprehensive team of care professionals to help you navigate the healthcare system, and giving you peace of mind knowing your healthcare dollars are used ethically.

What is Healthsharing?

Healthcare sharing (commonly referred to as "healthsharing") provides a way to pay for healthcare costs that is different than traditional health insurance. Healthcare Sharing Ministries are not insurance. They are ministry programs based on shared ethical and religious beliefs, a religious tradition of mutual aid, neighborly assistance, and financial Sharing among Members to share one another’s medical expenses.

" Solidarity HealthShare is an amazing, life-affirming option that my family has chosen to help us pay for our healthcare needs. They are passionate supporters of life, and I’m ecstatic that they share into medical treatments such as NaPro Technology and Natural Family Planning programs. My family and I could not be happier members of Solidarity. "

— Abby Johnson, Founder of And Then There Were None

Experience Healthcare that Cares about You

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When Can I Join?

With Solidarity HealthShare, you don't have to wait for qualifying life events or Open Enrollment to make the change to Solidarity.

You can join us any time of the year.

Where Do I Go?

No more checking to see if your favorite doctor is “in-network." At Solidarity HealthShare, there is no “network;" You can see any healthcare provider that you want to see (including naturopathic and alternative medicine practitioners).

We know the fastest way to getting healthy is seeing the right doctor for you.








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Make the change today. Be the change tomorrow.

Join us in restoring and rebuilding authentic Catholic healthcare in America.


Why Solidarity?

Solidarity HealthShare has many built-in benefits and cost-savings features that make joining our healthcare sharing community a great alternative to traditional health insurance.

Saving our Members Money One Bill at a Time

With health care costs continuing to climb, it’s hard to find quality health care that doesn’t break your budget. At Solidarity, we keep medical bills low by negotiating your medical bills for you.

Better Bill Transparency with Fair and Just Pricing

At Solidarity, we believe in healthcare that is fair for all. We desire a healthcare market that offers total cost transparency so you can make the best decisions about your healthcare needs.

Stay True to Your Conscience and Beliefs

Concerned that your health care dollars don’t line up with your values? Solidarity conforms to the moral guidelines of the Catholic Church, so you never pay for things that violate your conscience.

Additional Discounts and Access to 24/7 Healthcare

We offer the Solidarity Care Card℠ to members providing additional discounts on dental, vision, and prescription*† services as well as 24/7 access to providers through our Telehealth service.

*prescription discount services not available in WA

What Expenses are Eligible?

Below are a few medical expenses that are eligible for sharing for all members of Solidarity HealthShare. For more details please refer to our Sharing Guidelines.

Wellness Visits

Emergency Visits


Hospital Charges

Fertility / NFP

Mental Health Care

Maternity Care

Hospice / Home Health

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a Pre-Existing Condition?

If you have a Pre-Existing Condition, healthcare sharing can still be an option for you. Request your quote and schedule a call to discuss your specific questions with our team about any of your health-related concerns.

What is Solidarity Well?

Solidarity Well was created so that Solidarity HealthShare could enroll those who have chronic conditions that are particularly responsive to lifestyle changes. Members that want to participate in the Solidarity HealthShare community while improving conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, and addiction to cigarettes can do so through Solidarity Well. The program assists members in making lifestyle changes that foster better health and reduce the prospect of progressive disease.

Do I have to be Catholic to join?

No, you do not have to be Catholic to join. Solidarity is available to those willing to agree to our Member Guidelines. Our Guidelines do adhere to the moral and ethical tradition of the Roman Catholic Church and the Ethical and Religious Directives of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. We encourage anyone wanting to learn more to request a quote and then schedule a call with our team to discuss.

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