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Save Thousands with Fair and Just Pricing

At Solidarity HealthShare, we believe in healthcare that is fair for all. We desire a healthcare market that offers total cost transparency, so you can make the best decisions about your healthcare needs.

Stay True to Your Conscience and Beliefs

Concerned that your health care dollars don’t line up with your values? Solidarity conforms to the moral guidelines of the Catholic Church so you never pay for things that violate your conscience.

Contribute Monthly to the Community

As a member of a Solidarity, you share a Monthly Contribution into the community – used to pay for the healthcare needs of other members. Likewise, their shares help pay for your healthcare needs.

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Healthcare sharing can be difficult to navigate, but we are here to help!  

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Receive medical care in three easy steps:

Contribute your monthly share

Each month, your Monthly Share Amount goes into a secure online account called the Member Care Portal. Your monthly sharing amount is based on your maritial status, age, and sharing plan you choose. Each member’s Member Care Portal allows for the transfer of funds among members for eligible medical expenses automatically.

Receive medical care

Present your Solidarity HealthShare member ID card when you receive medical care, whether at a doctor’s office or emergency room. Medical bills are then submitted directly to Solidarity HealthShare. If your provider does not participate in healthcare sharing, simply request a self-pay discount, pay your bill, and present your receipt to Solidarity HealthShare for processing.

Solidarity processes your medical bill

When Solidarity receives your medical bill, we negotiate with the medical provider to ensure the lowest possible cost for the care provided. If you have not reached your Annual Unshared Amount, then you are responsible for paying the bill. If you have reached your Annual Unshared Amount, Solidarity then facilitates the sharing of funds from other members’ ShareBoxes to pay for your eligible medical expenses.

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Shareable Medical Expenses

Ambulance Services

Emergency Room Visits

Fertility & NaPro Technology

Home Health & Hospice Care

Hospital Charges

Maternity Care

Mental Health

Wellness Visits

“Solidarity HealthShare is an amazing, life-affirming option that my family has chosen to help us pay for our healthcare needs. They are passionate supporters of life, and I’m ecstatic that they share into medical treatments such as NaPro Technology and Natural Family Planning programs. My family and I could not be happier members of Solidarity.”

Abby Johnson

CEO and Founder 

of And Then There Were None

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